Dinosaur-series Antispark switch 6s to 12s, 60 amp


This switch prevents the destructive spark when connecting the battery to your system. Furthermore this switch enables you to use a eye pleasing LED switch to turn your board on and off. The LED will light up as long as your board is powered on. No energy is drawn when the switch is turned off.
Please note that the external latching SPDT LED switch is not included.

This is an advanced modified version of the original switch. It has additional protection to prevent damaging or frying the mosfets. All components are purchased from authorized distributors only.

Please make sure to use appropriate wires and connectors!

5 step setup guide and general handling:
The schematic can be found in the product picture gallery.

Ground yourself with an antistatic device e.g. anti static wrist strap before executing the instructions below.

1. Solder the *included* 5 pin pigtail wire to your latching LED switch (not included, switch with 1NO, 1NC and C required, LED+, LED- optional)

2. Solder about 5cm wire (AWG10 recommended ) to the corresponding pads according to the schematic. To the unsoldered ends of the big wires solder your connector of choice (XT90 recommended).

3. Plug the 5 pin wire connector into the 5 pin socket mounted on the pcb, make sure the external LED switch is in the off-state (not pressed).

4. Connect your battery to the input side and the ESC/motor side to the output side of your switch.

5. Press your LED switch to switch your electric board on. The LED ring will light up.

Do not switch on or off while motors are spinning.
Only connect the Antispark with plugged in external switch in off-state.

Please do not touch the mounted components or solder pads when not grounded electrically grounded, your body could be electrostatically charged which could break the mosfets and other sensitive components.

This product requires modifications, in form of soldering, performed by the customer. Due to the unknown level of solder skills and general electronic knowledge (specially ESD) the purchaser possesses, no returns are accepted. All units get tested multiple times before shipping and will work on arrival.

- Voltage: 6s-12s
- Current: 60A (limited via onboard fuse)
- 5-pole JST wire for the external LED switch included!
- Additional protection against frying the mosfets
- Onboard LED circuit designed for 12V LED, no additional wiring required
- Heavily copper reinforced traces
- Onboard 60A fuse from Littlefuseā„¢
- Size 50mm x 80mm (1,96" x 3,14")